I want to escape humanity and become a machine. 



Custom PCBs, Custom Software
LEDs, Electromechanical Relays,
Resistors, Diodes, Microcontroller
Acrylic, Wires, Silkscreen



TK1971 pleasure comes from the imperfection of its imitation. TK1971 dwells happily in the uncanny valley, where we can tell she is a human, even though it is sometimes indistinguishable from a robot. A bot among us, a broken impersonation.

Becoming a machine is a very scary process, it a journey towards perfection. At least that is what people think, but why do machines have to be perfect? Being human is about making mistakes and the possibility for new meaning to occur.


The PCB on the left is part of TK1971 headpiece. It senses and analyzes TK1971's head orientation and breath.

The PCB on the right is a lighting control board. Through it, TK1971 can connect to bright LEDs and control them by simply moving her head or altering her breathing patterns.

When both PCBs are connected without TK1971, they interact with each other, transforming into a stand-alone light and sound installation. The sound is continuously generated creating a sense of rhythm, however it under constant mutation and transformation.


The printed score on PCBs is from TK1971 show. The backside of PCB also shows a version of the same score that has been deleted.