Hardware 2.0


Hardware 2.0


The Internet

Now with more sensors than ever before.


At it's core, the powerful ESP32 microcontroller with built-in Wifi, Bluetooth, and a 18650 Battery Module. 

The board is packed with sensors to detect changes in light, temperature, sound and even orientation and accelerations. It also has a knob and a button for tangible interactions.

As outputs and actuators, the integrated servo motor, relay, and analog (PWM) output expand the possibilities for physical interactions.

For advance users, the board also offers serial communication to other MCUs, reprogrammable GPIO pins and I2C communication though the popular STEMMA QT connector, compatible with many Adafruit and Sparkfun modules. 

All of it can be programmed live without writing a single line of code using the cloud base Node-RED interface.  


´╗┐Example Demostrations

Getting Started:

The project is OpenSource and the design files as well as the firmware for the boards can be found at the GitHub repository.  

If you have questions or suggestions regarding the boards, please reach out! We would love to hear your thoughts.

Happy experimenting with networks!


Networked Hardware 2.0

A tool for performance, installations, theater, teaching, learning, and music. 


Live performance at Astor Hair Stylists. 2023