MORAKANA is a creative studio of  Tiri Kananuruk and Sebastian Morales. Together, they are performers, artists, engineers, educators and researchers based in New York City. MORAKANA explores the hybridization of living systems, robotics, and the manipulation of sound in the context of technological consumerism. They examine human relationships through the use of transmitted signals, natural language processing, bodily movement, and digital culture.

Their work has been exhibited and performed at The National Gallery of Singapore, Art Dubai, RÝMD, Reykjavík; Network Music Festival, Culture Hub New York, and Currents New Media among other places. They have spoken at conferences such as Radical Networks (New York), International Conference of Movement and Computing (New Jersey), ArtTech Forum (Venice, IT), and the Center for Ballet and the Arts (New York).

MORAKANA has also worked with clients such as Gucci, Clase Azul, E-Flux, FakeLove, CoffeeDigital, Midnight Commercial, and Aquaticode among others.

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